Water Damage and Mould in Building Inspections in Adelaide
Water Damage and Mould in Building Inspections in Adelaide
October 13, 2018
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Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Everything you need to know about pre-purchase pest inspections

You’ll notice that the heading refers to pre-purchase. Having a professional check for pest infestations after you’ve bought the property might uncover a problem but you’ll be the one paying for the pests to be removed. Do the right thing first. Once you’ve made the decision to buy or during the cooling off period is the time to contact the professional building inspector in Adelaide.

There Are Australian Standards

There are regulations listing certain standards which timber in building structures must adhere to. Your professional building inspector, who is a specialist in finding pest infestations in timber, will make an inspection of all manner of termite infection. There are other pest problems too including borers and wood decay fungi. Knowing about these issues and where to find them is part of the building inspector’s (expert in pests) role.

Money Saved Is Money Gained

The costs involved in removing a serious infestation of termites or other pest can be substantial. A serious pest invasion of part of your property may require substantial removal and replacement of timber within your property. A small investment with an inspection can save a mountain of worry and debt.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

There are two types of pest inspections. The first is when a property owner calls in an expert with a view to removing a problem they have with pests. The second is a blank cheque pest inspection where a potential owner calls in a professional to discover if there is any form of pest invasion in the property about to be bought. If there is a problem, the potential buyer than has two options. They can withdraw from the purchase, or they can negotiate the purchase price down in consideration of the pest problem to be removed in the future. Either way, the new owner is a winner. And the only way that can happen is by using the services of an expert building inspector who is a specialist in finding pest infestations.

Professional Is Best

In fact it’s the only choice as a professional building inspector who deals with pest infestation will be qualified and experienced in this specialist area of work. They will have professional indemnity insurance and guarantee a detailed written report within one or two business days. For peace of mind, engage an expert.