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October 11, 2018
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October 13, 2018
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Water Damage and Mould in Building Inspections in Adelaide

Water Damage and Mould in Building Inspections in Adelaide

Buying a property (residential or commercial) can mean problems and especially when the property is old. There are things to consider such as the structure of the building, the plumbing and the wiring. But another important factor to consider is water damage and mould. Of course the only way to properly and thoroughly check for the presence of any or all of these situations is via a professional and experienced building inspections in Adelaide.

Mould Is Bad For You

When you discover mould in your property, it not only looks ugly but it behaves in an ugly way too. If you or a member of your family suffers from allergies or asthma, mould and their health will not make a good mix. So mould can damage your property, cost you money to have it removed, and cause problems to anyone who has a health problem with allergies or asthma.

Look For The Signs

Having a professional building inspector examine your property means that any water damage or mould or potential for it to develop will be found and reported to you. And to make you more aware, for your own benefit, there are tell-tale signs that water has turned up in places it most certainly should not. Is there discolouration on the floor, the walls or the ceiling? Has wallpaper lifted or has any timber started to warp. They are some of the signs of mould. Smells can also be a giveaway. Is there a musty odour or a sour smell in a room? Mould usually has a particular and unpleasant type of smell.

The Causes Of Mould

There are many possible causes but a burst pipe and a leaking window are two of the most common. Water is meant to remain outside your home but a window suffering from old age or termite infection will allow moisture to sneak inside. A plumbing disaster where a pipe bursts or cracks is another way for moisture to arrive and for mould to take hold. Even if the vendor of the property is honest and willing to reveal problems they may have had, if the owner doesn’t have a problem with asthma or allergies, they may have no idea that mould is alive and well in one or more places in your future home. Be safe and engage a building inspector who knows where to look and what to look for when it comes to water damage and mould.