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June 20, 2018
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Why Get A Building Inspection In Adelaide?


It is strongly recommended when purchasing your next property that you make the sale subject to a building and pest inspection. All purchases of properties in Adelaide are buyer be ware which means that it is your responsibility to ensure there are no issue with a property before you buy it. The vendor does have a reasonably to foreclose any issues that the property may have but this has grey areas. The vendor and agent selling the property may be unaware of any issues and might not have the experience to understand the issue the property may have. This is why it is so important to get a pre-settlement building inspections Adelaide.


Choosing the right building inspector is also of the utmost importance. Building inspections are done to comply with Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007. This does not mean that the building inspector has to be a qualified builder or surveyor. Australian standard says that the inspector is to provide their opinion of the condition off the property and point out any issues the building may have, then referring to the trade that specialises in that particular fault.

Being a builder by trade and a qualified building supervisor (CERT IV Building and Construction), I learned more in the first six months of building inspecting than I did in my years as a builder. I gained the experience of inspecting the indicative faults to find in a building, years after construction. The effects of wear, settlement, effects of poor storm water management and moisture just to mention a few. All buildings have some minor issues but the experience of knowing what is indicative to the type of construction and age of the building.


The last thing you want to do is buy a property with potential problems that could cost you money you didn’t budget for. These potential problems can range from major issues such as excessive footing movement requiring underpinning to minor problems such as the shower cubicle requires re-sealing and grouting. Conducting a building inspection before purchasing can provide you with an educated decision of the costs associated with purchasing the property both upfront and in the future. A building inspection can also help you determine the true value of the property in retrospect to what is needed in repairs to bring the property to the condition it should be for it’s age and construction type. A building inspection report can often point out issue that were unforeseen when you put the offer in for the property and once these issues are identified, you may be able to renegotiate the sale price of the property knowing the extra cost to rectify the issue.

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The vendor & agent selling the property may not be aware of any issues & might not have the experience to understand the issue the property may have.