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January 3, 2017
Why Get A Building Inspection In Adelaide?
June 25, 2018

What Does A Building Inspections in Adelaide Include?

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Building inspections are an important tool when purchasing your new home or investment property. A building inspection gives you peace of mind knowing that the property you are purchasing is structurally sound, not hiding any issues and any potential costs in the next five years such as hot water service or guttering.

Building inspections Adelaide should include a full written report that includes photos and covering both the building itself and all external structures like fencing, garages, carports, sheds, verandas, water tanks driveways and pathways.

When inspecting the building there are some fundamental things your inspectors should be looking for, least of which is cracking and sloping floors. Large cracks could indicate structural problems and may indicate foundations sinking or that stumps may need to be replaced. Mouldy walls, lifting tiles, peeling paintwork or pools of water could mean problems with drainage or excessive moisture. There may be sagging roof frames, cracked or broken tiles that could mean costly roof repairs or replacement. Blistering or bubbling paint, mudding around gaps such and skirting boards and architraves could indicate termite activity.

Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide perform a comprehensive inspection checking for:


  • Type of build construction
  • Type of footing construction
  • Cracking or bowing of walls and footing movement
  • Moisture test of external walls looking for rising damp
  • Inspection of Valley’s, guttering and downpipes
  • Stormwater and drainage
  • Roof cladding type and condition
  • External timberwork such as doors, windows, timber fascia’s, scotia’s etc
  • External plumbing, hot water services, compliance and upgrade
  • Electrical visual inspection of circuit boards, junction boxes, exposed wiring, compliance and upgrade
  • External structures such as garages, carports, verandas, sheds, fencing etc
  • Driveways, pathways and decking areas
  • Trees and hazards surrounding the building


  • Wall type, condition including cracking of walls
  • Internal moisture testing for rising damp and around wet areas ensuring they are sealed properly
  • Sloping floors, trampolining, slab edge dampness and/or excessive cracking
  • Internal timberwork condition and operation of doors and windows
  • Cabinetry including wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and vanities
  • Ancillary plumbing including any leaks
  • Electrical power points, switches and smoke alarms
  • Appliances including heating and cooling
  • Rood cavity inspection including roof framing, electrical and insulation

Building inspections in Adelaide are important because the inspectors has access to the whole property to inspect any issues that you just can’t see during an open inspection of the property. Finding the right building inspectors is also very important. Choose a building inspector that is a qualified builder will ensure they can provide you with advice and causes of the issues found. It is also important to find a building inspector who is experienced in building inspections over a longer period of time, knowing what the indicative areas are to find faults and the experience of knowing how the house fairs in retrospect to another house of the same age and construction type.

So make your purchase of your next property in Adelaide an educated one by employing a qualified building inspector.

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Building Inspections Adelaide should include a full written report that includes photos and covering both the building & external structures.