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It’s the biggest investment you’ll make. Buying a home or investment property, especially at today’s prices, is seriously expensive. You take your time in looking over the building. You like it. You go back for a second visit, maybe even a third. You bring your family or business partner to have a look. What do they think?

Are You Certain a Building Inspector Is Not Needed?

You are not a building inspector. What you see is not necessarily what you get. There could be structural weaknesses in the building. Do you know what to look for? Can you climb into tight spaces and find possible weaknesses and flaws? Do you know about pests like termites? Do you know the massive damage they can cause? Problems cost money.The best solution, the only solution is to engage the professionals. They’ve been inspecting properties, residential and commercial, for 13 years. We are fully qualified holding a Cert IV Building and Construction and certified pest inspectors using the latest technology in pest detection using the Termatrac T3i. If your potential purchase has problems, and big problems, you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble and some major repair expense.

Don’t buy trouble. Invest in a thorough building and pest inspection.

Home Inspection Will Give You Peace Of Mind

Discovering your proposed purchase has an old structural problem which has been repaired badly - it’s called papering over the cracks - is brilliant news. Brilliant in that it gives you a heads up on the true state of the building’s health. Knowledge is power. That information can save you from making a bad, even a disastrous investment. By using the professional services of Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide, you not only ensure you avoid painful financial problems, you get peace of mind. You can go ahead and purchase with confidence. Your intended purchase could be big or small but every building has places where pests and structural issues can be found. You want a total inspection. From top to bottom and both inside and out is the only inspection that counts. That’s the only inspection you’ll get from Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide. The best and most thorough inspection is what you need and what you get.

The Benefits of using Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide

When you choose Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide, the benefits just keep on coming. Prompt service, Detailed report, Recommendations for solutions, 12 months free advice from your inspector and many more. We are able to make the inspection and provide you with a detailed written report in most cases by the end of the day. A detailed report including photos, that not only identifies the faults also gives you indications of what may have caused the problem and whats needed to fix it. We know the building trade and can recommend the specialists who work in the area of the problem. We take a real interest in your purchase giving you free consultation with the inspector who worked on your property for 12 months after your purchase.

Don’t purchase any property, regardless of its size, age or purpose, without first engaging the professional services of the highly-respected experts, Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide.
What Do You Get?

Building and Pest Inspectors Adelaide go beyond traditional building inspections.  We don't just identify the problems, we provide you with information and opinions of the causes, whether it's an old problem that appears to have been fixed or a problem that needs attention now.  All inspections are carried out in compliance with Australian Standards AS 4349.1-2007.

   Building inspection
   Pest inspection
   Detailed report on what has been found
   Expert inspectors using Australian Standards Compliance
   24/7 emergency service from certified tradesmen


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Quality Always Wins

When choosing a building inspector there are certain qualities you should consider. Our building inspectors Adelaide go beyond the required Australian Standards because we ensure every inspection is done as thorough as possible, and our reports and communication to you represents our commitment to integrity and professionalism.

   Experience in all areas of building and pest inspection
   Expert training and qualifications
   Reputation with huge number of satisfied clients
   High standing within the building trade
   State-of-the-art equipment
   Available in all areas of Adelaide


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