Why Get A Building Inspection In Adelaide?
June 25, 2018
The best time for a Building Inspection
The Best Time For A Building Inspection In Adelaide
October 11, 2018
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Home Inspection Issues in Adelaide

Home Inspections Adelaide

You want to buy a property in Adelaide. It’s a massive investment. Are you buying the property without a professional building inspections Adelaide? Of course not. Without an inspection you run the risk of minor and even major faults being uncovered after you move in. This is a pain and can be expensive, very expensive. Save yourself the hassle and get the property professionally inspected before you sign.

These are the main issues you want inspected.

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Air-conditioning
  • Building structure

Steps to achieve a proper inspection

Make a list. Write down the things you want inspected. Don’t think that a qualified and experienced building inspector will inspect everything. To make sure they do – and remember the inspector will give you a written inspection report and sign it – tell the inspector exactly what you want inspected. You don’t know?Then ask an experienced builder.

Hire wisely

Not all building inspectors Adelaide or inspection companies are the same. Ask around. Do some research. Find 2 or 3 possible candidates. Make a comparison on experience, reputation and cost. Is your property the type they normally inspect? How long have they been in the business. Do they have previous customers who can speak of their experience. Picking any inspector may not get you the best result.

Don’t rush

You might be put under pressure. The vendor has accepted your offer so the pressure begins. Sign the contract. And this situation occurs particularly when there is a shortage of properties. Resist the pressure. You need to have a professional inspection before you sign. Purchase in haste, pay for repairs at leisure.

Agree on what’s in and out

The inspector needs a list of what is to be inspected and, just as importantly, what is not to be inspected. You and the vendor need to agree to this list before the inspection begins. That removes the possibility of a dispute post the inspection.