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July 17, 2018
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The Best Time For A Building Inspection In Adelaide

The best time for a Building Inspection

Buying a house or flat (or even a business) is a major financial investment. For almost all of us it’s the biggest investment we’ll ever make. And most of us will take out a mortgage to make that dream purchase become a reality. So, with that in mind, it makes common sense to have a professional inspection of the property before we sign the contract. Let’s go over the scene. You visit the property in person.

Maybe you’ve already done a virtual tour online. You like what you see. You are so keen you go back for a second look. You want your family’s opinion or that of a trusted friend. They come with you. The signs are all good. You take the plunge and decide to buy. But stop. Before you make that commitment, get professional help. Now is the time to call in the experts and have the real estate professionally examined. Why?

Let The Buyer Beware

Well the answer is obvious. Let the buyer beware is a well-known saying meaning that the responsibility for testing the quality of the intended purchase rests with you, the buyer. And because a property is so big (in size and complexity) and involves such a large amount of money in the purchase, then all the more reason why you need a professional building inspector Adelaide to go over your new property from top to bottom.

The is Not a DIY Operation

Some people think they can examine a building themselves or get a friend in to have a look. Only a qualified and experienced building inspector knows what to look for and where. Not having a professional building inspection is just as unwise as trying to carry out the task yourself. There are such things as hidden defects when it comes to all aspects of a building. The expression papering over the cracks is the perfect example of why you need an expert.

But When Does It Happen?

Obviously before you sign the deal. The time to engage a professional building inspector is when you decide you wish to purchase the property. Once you’re sure that this is the home (or business) you want, don’t sign the contract until you have the real estate approved by an independent inspector.